HOUSE 2012

“House was, in my eyes, a love letter to dance. It was sexy, naughty, dirty, suggestive and delicious. The nearly nude dancers, each one fiercer than the next, moved like they had been sprinkled with magic powder.

I loved the risky feeling I got sitting in the audience. As if Eyal was leading me into some shady back alley of the dance world that I wasn’t sure I should be allowed to visit. There is some- thing truly voyeuristic about watching her pieces. Like glancing through a keyhole at the girl next door while she changes. But with all that said, I didn’t recognize the real genius of Eyal until it hit me in the face while watching House.

The piece was deeply atmospheric. And at the same time, it read like a kind of homage to American modern dance from the 1960s. ...
The clean lines, shifting formations and dynamics let me see dance as I want it to be, know it should be and don’t get to see enough.”

Ori J. Lenkinski
Published January 31, 2012