“But the evening belonged to Eyal... Eyal’s work is a fierce study in groupology, stamina and twitchy precision. Militaristically cavorting to Ori Lichtik’s divine mash-up score, 15 dancers in flesh-colored unitards and short blond wigs (Nijinsky’s “Faun,” anyone?) made goofy robo-moves and cartoony gambits akin to a thrilling alien rave.”

VIctoria Looselea

LA TIMES, Feb. 2011

“Eyal has her own gripping sense of the obsessive, near-disembodied drive of modern life and a similar flair for deploying a group. And through the use of vivid patterns, a propulsive drive and zombielike, “undead” movement, she has the dancers evoking the strange sensuality of compulsive automatons (think of a Pac-Manlike, moonwalking mob line-dancing at a techno club).” 


“Eyal discards choreographic conventions and returns to the source of dance: movement and energy. From the beginning to the end, she leaves no room for us to breath, and we do not complain... It is all irreverential, daring, without compromise... the spectators were troubled, disturbed, and breath-taken by what they saw.” 

LE SOLEIL, Montreal press