BILL 2010

“‘Bill’ is characterized by a primal, wild, almost tribal atmosphere − and at the same time one that is also contemporary, like today’s club culture.” 

Roni Dori
HAARETZ, May 2010

“Her movement style seems to be drawn with a tender hand, and also unintentionally chaotic,
yet precision and perfection are her hallmark. This dance piece stands out, it will be retained in your memory”

Dagmar Klein

“Bill is a quirky, unusual glance at our simultane- ous desire to fit into society and stand out. The dancers are dressed uniformly with matching contact lenses and hair masks to boot. By removing the representation of individuality through costume, Eyal manages to bring out the subtle differences between them. So they aren’t “the girl in that floral shirt” but rather “the guy with those knife-like legs.”

Ori J. Lenkinski
Published January 31, 2012